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Tailoring Teaching to Fit the Class: Teaching Practice and Classroom Composition Under Random Assignment

The main purpose of this project is to explore teaching practice through the lens of classroom composition. In particular, we will investigate how teaching practice affects student learning and engagement differentially depending on the level and dispersion of students’ initial achievement. We will explore how teachers adapt to different classroom compositions and whether these adaptations are productive in improving student outcomes. The research will have important implications for educational inequality, as teaching practice and classroom composition are dimensions of schooling that are both impactful and unevenly distributed. This study is sponsored by IES.


Transitions: A Study of College Life and Well-Being

The main purpose of this project is to assess the determinants of anxiety and depression symptoms for college students. We take a mixed-methods approach, surveying students in their first-year of university and interviewing a small set of participants to understand the stressors they face during the transition to university and the supports they need to thrive.